About Us

Wenzhou Zhudian Machinery Makes Co.,Ltd.Which is located in the urban district of Ruian,an economically developed city on the bank of the East China Sea of Zhejiang is an enterprise specializing in developing and producting various plastics series machinery products,Taking high science and technology as its guide,taking improving enterprise's management level and employee quality as its center and taking expanding the production scale and improving the grade of product as its aim,our enterprise will strictly emphasize the product quality and put every series of products on the international market by outstanding performance and preeminent quality,Based on the policies of "Winning Customers,Trust by Quality" and "Meeting Customers,Needs by Constand Improvement",Our enterprise has won the trust from numerous customers,The Digital Information Age with full of Vigour and vitality in an ever young posture,Winning Customers,Trust by Matter-of-fact Attitude,Revealing Enterprise's Image by Quality.Our enterprise will wholeheartedly welcome numerous customers at home and abroad to visit us for guidance and business discussion.

Predominant products:Blowing machine,Multi-function Making-bag Machine,Printing Machine,Laminating Machine,Vest Bag Making Machine,Glove Making Machine etc.many kinds of profiled bags.